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Who is it for?

All aquatic bodywork trainings belong to the set of non-regulated professional education. The team of the International School of Watsu has been providing watsu aquatic bodywork training for professionals and amateurs since 2003 guaranteeing unbeatable experience in this field. Today the International School of Watsu offers the official Aquasoma® training.

The Aquasoma® training is intended for all people wanting to explore the aquatic environment from a new perspective and learn about the therapeutic advantages it offers. A professional training in Aquasoma® is the natural step for all health professionals (for example physiotherapists, occupational therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, psychomotricists and special education teachers) who want to acquire skills in aquatic therapy, opening the doors to facilitating the benefits of rehabilitation in water to their patients.

Many wellness- and complementary therapy professionals, such as shiatsu practitioners, thai massage therapist and SPA therapists, find in Aquasoma® a way to deepen and broaden their understanding of the aquatic world, enriching the palette of healing techniques that can be offered. Personal and professional coaches, working with high performance athletes, can trust in Aquasoma® to reduce the physical recovery time following competitions and between training sessions. Aquatic bodywork is recognized and used for increasing concentration levels and maintaining an optimal balance between the mind and the physical, cultivating a positive and optimistic attitude. It is part of the training program of some Olympic teams from Eastern Europe.

The Aquasoma® Specialist training is also intended for all aid-relationship professionals, such as psychologists, psychotherapists, Gestalt therapists, perinatal therapists, family therapists, etc. Buoyancy provided by the water element, as well as the gentle, invisible support from the therapist, an Aquasoma® signature, makes this technique a powerful tool, facilitating healing of a wide range of traumatic events (see studies on the use of watsu aquatic bodywork with orphan children, war veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and victims of violence and/or abuse).

Midwives, doulas and all practitioners in the maternity field: water is the ideal environment to work with pregnant women and Aquasoma® provides the tools to do it effectively and effortlessly. Buoyancy in warm water and the resulting sensation of weightlessness can be very energy-restoring and alleviate pains as the spine and joints are discharged from the body weight. Equally, on an emotional level, the link to the unborn child becomes more vivid through the aquatic environment. Our embryonic experiences are “stored” on a cellular level. The experience of holding and being held in water activates this cellular memory and with it, our ability to make the unconscious conscious.

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