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Aquasoma® for pregnant women - 1 in Brussels (BELGIUM) 03-05 February 2023

Aquasoma for pregnant women 2023 Belgium
With shipment free shipping / no shipment required for 0,00 EUR
380,00 EUR
Tax amount
Pay now only a deposit of 150 Eur (and the rest the first day of the course) using the coupon DEP-150/380EUR before paying on the cart page. CALL US +32 495 270018
CALL US +34686408473
Course starts Friday, 03 February 2023 at 14:00 Course ends Sunday, 05 February 2023 at 18:00


Note about arrival and departure: We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before beginning of the class in order to complete your registration and familiarize yourself with the facility. The daily class schedule will be communicated on the first day of class (indicatively every day from 09:30h to 19:30h, with a lunch break).
We will need each and every single hour of the class, so please do your best to arrive in time and organize your travel back home in such a way that you won’t need to leave before the end of class.
What to bring: - Comfortable clothes for land classes
- 2 Swim suits, lycra swim cap, towel/bath robe, pool flip flops, products for the shower and care of your skin.
- 1-1,5 litres bottle of water in plastic or metal.
- Minerals for rehydratation.
- Logbook, manuals of previous courses, notebook and pen.
- Your floats.


Aquasoma® for pregnant women

What happens during pregnancy? What specific needs do women have and how do we cover them in an aquatic bodywork session?

In this course you will have an overview of these issues and learn new techniques to apply in aquatic bodywork with pregnant women, as well as modifications of others studied in the Foundation module to focus specifically on pregnancy.

At the end of the course you will be able to design a safe, effective and complete session, valid for any pregnant woman, focusing on restoring mobility in the most loaded or tense areas.

Main topics to be covered in this module:
  • Guidelines for working with pregnant women.
  • Differences between Aquasoma® and Aquasoma® for pregnant women.
  • Flotation adjustments when working with a pregnant woman.
  • Physical and emotional changes during pregnancy. Main difficulties to deal with.
  • Skin and touch.
  • The effects of water.
  • Stress and how Aquasoma® influences it. The polyvagal theory and its application in pregnancy.
  • The mandible and its relationship with the pelvis.
  • Massage techniques based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Points to avoid.
  • Work by body areas.
MODALITY OF DELIVERY Face-to-face teaching
DURATION & CREDITS Face-to-face teaching: 20 hours AECS Number of credits: 1,9 AECS PREREQUISITES - Aquasoma® Foundation
(Recommended: Aquasoma® Essentials Specialist certification)

Or as an alternative any of the following courses or certifications:
- Watsu 2.
- Jahara® Specialist (JS)

NOTE: if you don´t think to fulfil the above mentioned requisites, comment it in your application to receive information on how to proceed.
INSTRUCTOR(S) Inés Oliva COURSE VENUE Au bord de l’eau
Chaussée d’Alsemberg, 620
1180 Uccle (Bruxelles)

Tea, herb tea, spring water and snacks offered.
Students coming from afar or not willing to commute can stay in the classroom (10 euro per night). There is a microwave oven for heating food but for security reasons there are no stoves and no portable cookers are allowed. We provide a mattress and a pillow. Just bring a sleeping bag or duvet and a pillow case. Otherwise, plenty of BnB options in the neighborhood.
Access by public transport: Bus 37, 38, 41, 43, 70, 98 - Tram 4, 51, 92 (alight at Héros)


Places are limited to guarantee each participant will receive personalized attention from the instructor(s).
Registration will be accepted on a first come - first serve basis.
The registrations will be valid only upon receipt of the deposit (or full tuition), and completion of the Registration Form duly filled with all requested personal data. The balance must be paid on the first day of the course in cash please. We won't be able to accept credit cards or cheques.
INCLUDED IN THE COURSE TUITION Professional, highly effective -yet fun- instructors' teaching during course hours. Certificate of participation issued by the International School of Watsu. Learning materials (course manual and video). Fee to use of all class related facilities. TO PAY SEPARATELY Travel expenses, food and lodging costs (see details in the 'ACCOMMODATION' section).


a) Cancellation is permitted only if requested in writing by email to at least 6 full weeks prior to beginning of the course.
b) Cancellations requested via email 6 full weeks prior to beginning of the course will receive back their deposit less a 50 € administration fee.
c) Cancellations requested via email between 6 and 4 full weeks before the beginning of the class will receive back their deposit less 100 € as administration fee and penalty for late cancellation.
d) Cancellations requested via email less than 4 full weeks before the class start date, will lose any refund of the deposit.

In case the minimum number of students is not achieved the organization has the faculty to postpone or cancel the course. In case of cancellation you will be refunded the full deposit with no further compensation. In case of postponement the deposit will be refunded to the students who request it.
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