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The natural evolution of the training plan and the methodologies of aquatic bodywork over more than 20 years of study and refinement becomes AQUASOMA® thanks to the efforts of Master Giovanni Baccarani and the Team of Watsu Instructors at our School.

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AQUASOMA® Online Training Courses carefully designed by the best trainers in the industry to complement and implement all aquatic classes.

Let AQUASOMA® change your life with an unforgettable experience.

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Our professional experience is at your service to offer you a serious and professional support both for your advanced training as well as for just a simple experience to discover and get to understand this technique. 

Getting to know AQUASOMA®: this is the best way!

Our approach is clear, motivated by the desire to bring modernity and effectiveness through the continuous study and development of the most advanced AQUASOMA® techniques, to offer you - in a professional and productive way - an experience that engages you from the first moment and makes a change in your life.

“Thank you to my instructors, Yves and Giovanni, for their deep knowledge of the body in the water and their teaching approach. They helped me understand the reason for each movement and to take care not only of the receiver's body, but also of mine as a practitioner. Thank you for your valuable advice and heartfelt commitment! 😊🙏🐳

Rosò G.B.

“World-class instructors who care about the high quality of training while providing a fun learning experience. I feel more confident as a practitioner after the training, and more importantly I have become a more empathic person while prioritizing self-care.”

Audrey W.

“En la escuela internacional de Watsu, he seguido los cursos de la mano de Giovanni Baccarani y su equipo.
He desarrollado las habilidades de sostén y escucha activa en el agua permitiéndome observar una profunda y agradable relajación de la persona que recibe la sesión, al mismo tiempo que se observa una biomecánica segura y confortable para el practicante de Watsu y para el cliente.
Además durante la formación he tenido la oportunidad de crecer y cambiar a mejor como profesional y como persona.
Con todo mi corazón, con toda mi alma consciente y con toda mi mente, GRACIAS, GRACIAS, GRACIAS.
In The Internacional School of Watsu, I followed the courses by Giovanni Baccarani and his Team.
I developed the skills, hold and active awareness in water, allowing me, to observe a deep and nice relaxation in people who received session, at the same time that we observe a safe and comfortable bio mechanics for the Watsu practitioner and the customer.
In addition, during the formation, I had the opportunity to develop as a professional and as a person.
With all my heart, with all my conscious soul and all my mind, Thank you, thank you, thank you very much indeed. Namaste.”

Jaime C.

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