Floating pillow type A


Floating cushion type A, with stabilizing arms, handmade in soft tulle-like fabric, filled with EPS pellets for excellent comfort.

Thanks to the nylon tulle fabric, it dries quickly.

The best choice for hydrotherapy and aquarelax.

Available in an elegant light blue colour

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Floating pillow type A, with stabilizing arms, made of soft, loose-weave nylon fabric and filled with polystyrene pellets.

Thanks to the wide-weave fabric, the T-type floating cushion dries quickly after each use and remains in ideal hygienic conditions for a long time.

The flat floating pillow is ideal for water based cranio sacral therapy (TCSA) and all types of aquatic therapy that require secure, non-restrictive support for head movement. The two appendices are positioned under the patient's armpits to increase the stability of the floating cushion.

The resulting greater safety means that this floating cushion is the favorite of those who carry out physiotherapy and hydrokinesitherapy treatments with patients who have little or no control of their head (eg patients who suffer from central nervous system problems).

Because of the ease with which it is placed under the client's head, the Type A pool floating pillow is also the best choice for group sessions of aquatic wellness, spa floatation sessions, aquarelax (water relaxation sessions) and hydrokinesiotherapy sessions. It is also popular as a Watsu pillow.

Used in conjunction with a flat noodle , the Type A watsu pillow allows the user to float with total peace of mind and without any effort.

Available in an elegant light blue colour.


Additional information

Weight 160 g
Dimensions 49 × 17 × 13 cm

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