Kit of Floating collar + Soft noodle


Auxiliary flotation material for watsu and hydrokinesitherapy: Kit consisting of a type-C floating collar for the head and a soft noodle, both handmade with a fabric soft to the touch while very resistant to swimming pools water.

Great for hydrotherapy and all aquatic bodywork techniques that require firm head support (in rehabilitation, treating patients with physical or neurological conditions, and preparing for water birth).

Available in different colors.

Collarino galleggiante tipo C

Choose the collar's color:

Salsicciotto galleggiante morbido (noodle)

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kit constisting of a floating collar type C (open), for hydrotherapy, plus a floating soft noodle Handmade in a fanric that is very soft to the touch, but very resistant to pool water. Filled with tiny EPS pellets for added comfort. The C-type collar features a unique “ventilation grid” to facilitate air extraction when immersing the collar before its use and to allow for faster drying after use.

The flotation material kit is ideal for any type of aquatic activity aimed at personal well-being, such as aquawellness group sessions, floating sessions in spas, aquarelaxation and hydrokinesitherapy sessions. The floating head collar is also widely used as an auxiliary flotation material in the sessions of Aquasoma®, Watsu, Janzu, Aguahara, craniosacral therapy in water, Halliwick and Bad Ragaz.

Excellent for hydrotherapy and for all aquatic bodywork techniques that require a safe support of the head (in rehabilitation, in the treatment of patients with physical or neurological pathologies and in prenatal aquatic sessions.

Available in various colors.

Additional information

Weight 260 g

Floating collar type C


Blue, Turquoise, Charcoal, Purple, Orange

Soft floating noodle


Blue, Turquoise, Charcoal, Purple, Orange


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