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Aquasoma® Teaching Assistant
Aquasoma® Advanced Specialist (already Watsu Advanced Professional since 2013)
Countries: Italy - Piedmont
City: Turin (IT)

After dedicating many years of her life to water, first as a practitioner in various disciplines such as swimming and synchronized swimming, then as a Swimming Instructor and Bathing Assistant, she met Watsu with which she fell in love and which made her increasingly passionate about the element of water and its infinite possibilities of application.

Around Italy and Europe she participates in training with the best teachers and completes her studies, obtaining certification as an Advanced Watsu Professional and as an Aquasoma® Advanced Specialist.

Her greatest desire is to give the possibility to anyone who wants it to live a positive experience in water through forms of teaching developed in more than 30 years of professional career: she is especially dedicated to people who are afraid of water (but at the same time are fascinated by it) dedicating to them a personal path (called Aqua Amica) and to people who have different abilities and skills or with specific pathologies and problems using water as an emotional, sensory and motor activator thus improving the ability to communicate also in relation to autism and generalized disorders in relationships and communication.

She offers professional Aquasoma® sessions to enable anyone who wants it to improve their quality of life, decrease stress and muscle and joint tension, and treat themselves to a moment of well-being through this exceptional water bodywork technique.

Being a multifaceted person, she loves to experiment artistically in the field of photography drawing inspiration from her frequent travels around the world.

She has been involved in numerous theater workshops that have given her the opportunity to work with her body and mind even in critical situations that are completely different from those of everyday life.

If you would like to start your own aquatic path or receive a professional Aquasoma® session, all you have to do is contact her!
She will be happy to agree together on the ideal path for you!

Aquasoma® Teaching Assistant authorized by Giovanni Baccarani and Cristina Nicolini on 14/10/2023
Aquasoma® Advanced Specialist authorized by Giovanni Baccarani on 09/20/2023
Watsu Advanced Professional certificate authorized by Giovanni Baccarani on 01/09/2013

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