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His interest in touch and massage makes him study Shiatsu and harmonizing massage until going through a couple of life-changing experiences: his first sessions of Thai Yoga Massage and Watsu. In both cases, something magical happened, which could be called a revelation, that urged him to learn and practice these modalities for his well-being as well as for the world's. Today, these techniques and their developments (Healing Dance, WaterDance, Dynamic Thai Massage, Bowen...) have become the main focus of his research as an Advanced Practitioner and as an Instructor. A polyglot and a nomad, he uses his professional experience as an actor, singer, musician and dancer to refine the transmission of his knowledge in courses or workshops led in more than ten European and South American countries.

Giovanni Baccarani si interessa di discipline bio-naturali e tecniche corporee dal 1993. È diventato Istruttore di Zen Stretching e Shiatsu nel 1999 e Istruttore di Watsu nel 2003 dopo aver studiato in Europa e negli USA con Harold Dull e altri fra i più quotati Istruttori di tecniche acquatiche al mondo. Con un’esperienza ultradecennale come insegnante di varie modalità è il fondatore della Scuola Internazionale di Watsu (precedentemente conosciuta come WatsuEurope). È uno degli istruttori più attivi che sta scuotendo il mondo del bodywork acquatico e del Watsu. Nel suo insegnamento trasmette tutta la sua grande passione per il lavoro corporeo in acqua e, grazie a un’ampia esperienza prima come operatore di Shiatsu e Watsu, poi come Istruttore, si distingue per l'occhio molto attento ai dettagli e alla tecnica. Le sue classi sono divertenti, grazie allo spiccato senso dell’humour con cui rende divertenti anche le tecniche più complesse, e interessanti e ricche di spunti ed informazioni utili grazie alla sua profonda comprensione della filosofia medica orientale e del lavoro corporeo, sia a terra che in acqua. Per anni è stato anche titolare di un avviato studio di discipline bio-naturali in Milano e therapist d'elezione per atleti e danzatori professionisti. Insegna regolarmente in Regno Unito, Francia, Belgio, Russia, Italia, Spagna e in altri paesi extraeuropei.

Since qualifying as a practitioner in April 2004, Dawn has an abundant amount of hours giving Watsu at her Private Watsu Clinic in Stafford, U.K. She has trained with Harold Dull and has a keen enthusiasm to keep up with the latest developments by working along side top Watsu instructors/coaches such as Michele Chelenza and Giovanni Baccarani and many other highly knowledgeable professionals as well as working in co-operation with Watsu Europe school and their outstanding training programme,. In her passion to spread the word of Watsu she became the founder of The U.K. Watsu Academy in April 2010 and gained instructor status herself in September 2011. Dawn supports and provides the perfect environment for her Watsu Clinic clients and Watsu Academy students to take away the maximum experience, knowledge and development from their visits. Dawn has a life time of water based experiences both as a professional and with personal enjoyment and fun. Whilst passionate about attention to detail along with great consideration, care and support she shows for her students and sharing of her knowledge, once she knows all is on track, the cheeky devilment fun appears; this combination relaxes and enhances the learning potential of each student knowing they have this special space to grow and develop as a person and Watsu Professional.

Paul worked in the Interior Design Industry for over 25 years laterally as the director of a successful design practice, however he always had an interest in alternative therapies and from childhood always enjoyed being in or around water.
In 2009 whilst on holiday at a spa in Arizona Paul received his first Watsu and was immediately hooked. There and then he decided to learn more about this amazing therapy and on returning to the UK he started his “Watsu Journey” training at the U.K.Watsu academy and also in the USA.
In addition to Watsu he has also studied Shiatsu with the renowned Shinzo Fujimaki as well as Therapeutic massage and Cranio Sacral Therapy in Water.
Having had a background in business and an understanding of how stress can overtake our lives and affect our wellbeing has greatly influenced his approach and his work, both in and out the water. Paul is based in central Scotland but also travels to wherever there is opportunity to work in warm water, he continues to study and appreciate his new path in Life.

John has been in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 30 years. He studied Physical Education and Psychology at University and followed with a teaching qualification. He taught sport in High School for a number of years and then studied Massage Therapy in South Africa. This was followed by Sports Massage and Shiatsu, and he opened a School of Massage Therapy in Zimbabwe in 1993. In 2001 he moved to Ireland and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Irish College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and deepened his knowledge of Taoist philosophy by studying Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Taoist Meditation at the Healing Tao School in London. His latest journey is his exploration of Watsu Therapy with the International School of Watsu (formerly Watsu Europe) of which he says, “Of all the therapies I have learned and practiced, Watsu is the most unique and profound. The possibility of holding and being held by another human being in warm water is a very special and precious gift, and it has the power to touch the deepest part of ourselves - our very souls."

Agi has worked in the field of special education for over thirty years. In that time she has worked with pupils from the ages of two to nineteen years old with a wide variety of special needs. Believing that the most effective learning is made through a truly holistic approach Agi has used the pool as her most powerful resource. In the warm embrace of the water Agi has been fascinated by how pupils have opened up on every level. It is this liquid liberation that has been the main inspiration for the development of the Sensory Swimming sessions that Agi creates. Using coloured, moving lights and images, natural sounds and music, scents and aromas along with an array of visually stimulating materials and things to be explored and experienced, Agi transforms the hydrotherapy pool she works in into themed multisensory, interactive environments. Here pupils go on water journeys to discover worlds such as A Midnight Oasis, Snow Shadows, An Indian Summer or Dolphin Waters where they can freely explore with mind body and spirit. It was in researching aquatic therapies to underpin her work that Agi came across Watsu. It took some time before she was able to experience a session herself, but once she had, she had no doubt that she had found the most perfect and profound modality to add to her work. It is the beauty of the subtle, gentle way that Watsu meets one where one is on an emotional and spiritual level that Agi has found the most inspiring. Having a deep connection with the water and a passion for sharing her joy in all that it affords one, Agi feels most blessed in having been led to Watsu. Agi now incorporates Watsu into her work and offers sessions to pupils, staff and to private clients.

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