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Due to circumstances beyond our control we had to cancel many of our planned activities. As soon as the dates for pools reopening are announced by the governments, we will be back with a brand new offer and set of course dates.

Stay tuned:
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ISWatsu: 10 years setting the standard in Watsu vocational training.

We have always wanted to understand the “why“ of things.
Our hunger for knowledge has led us to question the established - even the teachings of our teachers - and verify each bit of information through research.
Expanding our horizons and opening new avenues of knowledge, we have become the school with a cutting edge technique, leading the development of Watsu.

The International School of Watsu (ISWatsu), managed by the Aqua Terra Institute, is an internationally recognized leader in Watsu therapy education.

The International School of Watsu is a global extension of WatsuEurope, itself a body with over 10 years of successful experience. Today ISWatsu is the only school of Watsu and aquatic bodywork with branches and representatives in over 10 countries, thereby ensuring the identical delivery of its unique curriculum to the same levels of excellence worldwide.

ISWatsu offers the opportunity for personal and professional growth under the supervision of highly qualified instructors – all of them practising therapists - who use their expertise, experience and knowledge to create an inspirational learning experience for all.

Besides the training in Watsu, ISWatsu provides educational programmes in other major aquatic and land-based bodywork forms including Aquatic Craniosacral Therapy, WaterDance, Healing Dance, Shiatsu, Zen Stretching and Thai Massage.

Within a safe and nurturing environment, that fosters personal development of students, the International School of Watsu offers a progressive, dynamic curriculum including biannual and triennial diploma programmes, courses and workshops held in the UK, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, India, Turkey, Iceland, Argentina and Chile.

Its SPA and Clinic Department provides consultancy services and tailor-made on-site training for luxury spas, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics worldwide.

Training can be delivered in English, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Italian and Greek.

The courses and training material, produced by the International School of Watsu, conform to the highest standards of professional practice and are an internationally recognized benchmark for the latest developments in this art.

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