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Frequently asked questions

Is previous training a prerequisite to start Watsu Training?

To attend a Beginners' Course, there are no prerequisites, as professional training in Watsu is complete in itself. All the necessary training skills, to become a Professional Watsu Therapist, are integral to the course. You do not even need to know how to swim!



How long is the training?

The Professional Watsu Training is organized in 3 Levels whereby each Level is composed of several modules; the average time required to complete the Professional Watsu Training is 3 years. Course completion depends on various factors, such as: the level of previous training of the student; the time required on mandatory practices between one module and the next; the ability to integrate the materials taught and develop the expected practical skill level, etc.

Some professionals like Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Shiatsu professionals and other manual therapists may be eligible for a short-track training plan, typically resulting in course duration of two years.

The full description of the Professional Watsu Training is provided under this link: Professional Watsu Training.



What qualifications do I receive?

Watsu training is a non-regulated training program. The International School of Watsu training program exceeds the internationally applied standards in Watsu training.

At the end of the second year of training and passing the Demonstration of Proficiency Exam, you will graduate with the title Watsu Professional, authorizing you to offer professional Watsu sessions for a 3-year period.

Continuing Professional Development training is required every three years to maintain the validity of your qualification. This CPD training counts towards completing the required modules to prepare you for your final exam. Passing the final exam graduates you with the title of Watsu Advanced Professional



What are the minimum requirements for a Watsu pool?

For individual sessions, you require a pool with a surface area of at least 3.5x, 3.5 meters (or 4.0 meters in diameter if the pool is to be round), with a depth of between 1.05 and 1.25 meters, heated to between 33.5 to 35 degrees Celsius.

For full details on heating systems, filtration and disinfection, contact us.



Are ISWatsu courses accredited by WABA?

The International School of Watsu is an independent provider of Watsu education with its own registry open to the public. Being associated with WABA for over 10 years, we have decided to discontinue this collaboration. ISWatsu only works with partners and certifying bodies that guarantee the application of a rigorous ethical code ensuring non-discriminating, egalitarian treatment of all members of the community, and consistency in the application of the requisites to issue certifications. Do you want to know the full story? Click here.

The International School of Watsu fosters a vision of Watsu that has no borders. Therefore, if you started your curriculum with any other school/institute worldwide, the hours you studied with them will be transferred, counting towards the completion of your training with the International School of Watsu and achievement of professional certification issued by it.

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