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Inés Oliva Zuzuarregui

Inés was 9 when she began competitive swimming and since then she’s spent countless hours in the water, first as an athlete (with swimming, waterpolo, lifesaving) and then as a swimming instructor. She became a specialist in “learning to swim without trauma” through her natural sensitivity, accompanying each person in their self-discovery as “aquatic beings”. Based on her experience Ines believes that the process of learning is only complete and profound when the three levels of Being (physical, mental and emotional) are involved. Inés found her true vocation in Watsu, discipline which integrates these three levels in a fluid and balanced manner. At the same time, she trained as a Doula, to accompany expectant mothers in their maternity process. What stands out in her water sessions is the harmony between physical workout and emotional wellness, resulting in an awareness of the joy of being alive.

Additional Info

  • Contact:
  • Name: Inés
  • Surnames: Oliva Zuzuarregui
  • Gender: W
  • Charge: Head of Image and Communication Department, Co-ordinator of student's practices in Valencia (ES), Organizer of courses and events in Valencia (ES)
  • Resident professional in: Spain
  • Region: Comunidad Valenciana
  • Province: Valencia
  • Resident Professional: Valencia (ES)
  • Titles: Watsu Professional, Watsu Advanced Professional
  • Formed in Other Schools: A
  • Countries: ESP
  • Country: Spain
  • País: España
  • Pays: Espagne
  • Paesi: Spagna
  • Cities: Valencia (ES), Madrid (ES)
  • Relationship with the school: Member
  • Level ISW: 1
  • Watsu Professional's authorisation issued by: Giovanni Baccarani
  • Date of certificate Watsu Professional: 09/06/2012
  • Watsu Advanced Professional's authorisation issued by: Giovanni Baccarani
  • Date of certificate Watsu Advanced Professional: 13/12/2015
  • member order EN: 00100
  • member order ES: 00040
  • member order FR: 00060
  • member order IT: 00100
  • all order EN: 00240
  • all order ES: 00040
  • all order FR: 00190
  • all order IT: 00390
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