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Sophie Cunzolo

Sophie Cunzolo came to the Bio-Natural disciplines times a career as a screenwriter for the television. Stuck by the passion for Watsu and Healing Dance, then she elected them as her life paths. With over 3.000 hours of training conducted in Europe among the modalities she teaches, including Watsu, Healing Dance and AiChi, she had the privilege to study with the founders of each modality: from Harold Dull, the Watsu creator, to Alexander George, the Healing Dance creator. Qualified as an instructor in 2008, she teaches an art based on a solid technique, which expands from the body, finding its origin at the center of the heart. With 10 years of experience in different ayurvedic techniques, Lomi, Shiatsu, SGM and an International Cidesco Diploma, she transmits with accuracy and clearness her passion for the aquatic bodywork, bringing the softness and the listening in her aquatic sharings, in order to allow everyone to explore his creative essence. She practices her profession as an independant in Switzerland and in Italy where she organizes professional aquatic trainings of considerable international success, with top-level instructors and the multilingual support of the educational material for a complete understanding of the various modalities and their benefits.

Additional Info

  • Contact:
  • Name: Sophie
  • Surnames: Cunzolo
  • Gender: W
  • email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Charge: Co-ordinator of student's practices in Rome (IT), Organizer of courses and events in Gèneve (CH), Rome (IT), Montegrotto Terme (IT) and Ischia (IT)
  • Resident professional in: Italy
  • Resident Professional: Roma (IT), Genova (IT)
  • Titles: Watsu Advanced Professional
  • Instructor of: Watsu Basic, Intro to HealingDance
  • Formed in Other Schools: A
  • Countries: ITA
  • Country: Italy
  • País: Italia
  • Pays: Italie
  • Paesi: Italia
  • Cities: Roma (IT), Gèneve (CH)
  • Relationship with the school: Member
  • Level ISW: 4
  • Watsu Practitioner's authorisation issued by: Linda de Lehman
  • Date of certificate Watsu Practitioner: 29/01/2008
  • Watsu Basic Instructor's authorisation issued by: Thery Tomas
  • Date of certificate Watsu Basic Instructor: 09/11/2008
  • HealingDance Practitioner's authorisation issued by: Inika Sati Spence
  • Date of certificate HealingDance Practitioner: 30/05/2010
  • Intro to HealingDance Instructor's authorisation issued by: Alexander George
  • Date of certificate Intro to HealingDance Instructor: 16/01/2012
  • member order EN: 00160
  • member order ES: 00160
  • member order FR: 00160
  • member order IT: 00020
  • all order EN: 00430
  • all order ES: 00430
  • all order FR: 00430
  • all order IT: 00020
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