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We envision a world where aquatic bodywork is a highly demanded treatment in the rehabilitation-, the wellness- and the high-performance athletics fields.
We imagine a global network of local aquatic communities that work together in synergy to create new knowledge and share it with the world. “Think global, act local.”


International School of Watsu is the world leading provider of premium training in watsu aquatic bodywork for luxury spas, hospitals and rehabilitation clinics, and for the most dedicated and successful free-lance therapists.

We lead the development and innovation of watsu aquatic bodywork, reaching beyond the established paradigms,, leading scientific research and creating synergies with professionals of other therapies.

International School of Watsu generates and spreads knowledge about aquatic bodywork, serving as a reference point for the excellence in both the technique and the teaching. By demonstrating leading edge practices and encouraging others to follow suit we optimise the benefits of watsu across the board.

International School of Watsu fosters the integration and co-operation among the various national aquatic communities and actively implements an aquatic bodywork network without borders; because we see differences as a resource.


Excellence in Training
Professional ethics
Teamwork without borders
Solidarity, support of the local economy and adaptation to the local culture
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