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Due to circumstances beyond our control we had to cancel many of our planned activities. As soon as the dates for pools reopening are announced by the governments, we will be back with a brand new offer and set of course dates.

Stay tuned:
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Carlos Cête

Ze Cete - ZE O ZEN Zé is of Brazilian and Portuguese origin. He was born in South Africa on 14/02/77. His Services, he proposes it in Aquitaine in the South-West of France, between Landes and Basque Coast. Always in search of the new, the renewal, he arrived in the "therapeutic" world, responding to an internal call. Learned Reiki, Yoga, Zen Shiatsu and Massages from different backgrounds. The Watsu he discovered it during a trip and changed his vision on Life itself. Passionate about Watsu's movements, how they catalyse healing and transformation, he dreams of "wetting the world" around him. It is an honour and He is very grateful to share the wisdom and power of the water with you. Consult his web page Facebook:

Additional Info

  • Contact:
  • Name: Carlos
  • Surnames: Cête
  • Gender: M
  • Resident professional in: France
  • Titles: Watsu Professional
  • Formed in Other Schools: A
  • Countries: FRA
  • Country: France
  • País: Francia
  • Pays: France
  • Paesi: Francia
  • Cities: Labenne (FR), Nouvelle Aquitaine (FR)
  • Relationship with the school: Member
  • Level ISW: 4
  • Watsu Professional's authorisation issued by: Giovanni Baccarani
  • Date of certificate Watsu Professional: 30/06/2017
  • member order EN: 00060
  • member order ES: 00100
  • member order FR: 00010
  • member order IT: 00060
  • all order EN: 00080
  • all order ES: 00230
  • all order FR: 00030
  • all order IT: 00240
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