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Due to circumstances beyond our control we had to cancel many of our planned activities. As soon as the dates for pools reopening are announced by the governments, we will be back with a brand new offer and set of course dates.

Stay tuned:
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Gilles Wunsch

Born in 1955 in Luxembourg, and since my childhood, I live in close touch with nature. A couple of years ago I read about Watsu, so being curious, always open for new challenges, and after a first session in the pool, I was more than motivated to start my training in order to become a practitioner. After many workshops with my Belgian instructor Yves Delattre, I successfully passed my qualification as a professional practitioner with Giovanni Baccarani. During my apprenticeship (November 2016 - October 2018) I realized that the individual needs of receivers are sometimes beyond words, an additional challenge that can only be coped with ample professional knowledge and capability for empathy. What attracts me in Watsu is the speechless communication between giver and receiver. A Watsu session leads not only to deep relaxation, but to a long-lasting feeling of contentment. Watsu is a fantastic experience I definitely would like to share with you. I practise in the wellness center “oa6” in Oberfeulen (Luxembourg)

Additional Info

  • Contact:
  • Name: Gilles
  • Surnames: Wunsch
  • Gender: M
  • Resident professional in: Luxembourg
  • Titles: Watsu Professional
  • Formed in Other Schools: A
  • Countries: LUX
  • Country: Luxembourg
  • País: Luxemburgo
  • Pays: Luxembourg
  • Paesi: Lussemburgo
  • Level ISW: 4
  • Watsu Professional's authorisation issued by: Giovanni Baccarani
  • Date of certificate Watsu Professional: 02/10/2018
  • member order EN: 00060
  • member order ES: 00100
  • member order FR: 00010
  • member order IT: 00060
  • all order EN: 00080
  • all order ES: 00230
  • all order FR: 00030
  • all order IT: 00240
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