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Would you like to feel your body rested, free, light, flexible and with no pain?
Do you need to disconnect from stress, have some “me-time”, far from the noise and the aggressions of daily life?
Would you like to empty your mind and find calm again?
...or are you simply looking to reconnect with your inner Self in a quiet, cosy and peaceful space?

Try Watsu: you will be more than satisfied!


Experiencing Watsu

Find here a list of Watsu Professionals in your country.

NOTE: appearing in this directory does not entail any relation or collaboration with the International School of Watsu.

You can recognize the professionals who certified with us for our school's logo in their personal profile. These professionals have completed a training renown for the level of precision and excellence required and for its selective qualifying exams. All of them offer a high level or competency and quality in their Watsu treatments. They love their work, have a great passion for what they do and are committed to provide you with the best Watsu experience possible.

Did you already try Watsu with somebody but you cannot find his/her name here? He/she may be not certiefid yet but a student, or he/she may have certified with another school and not have subscribed to our open directory. Students are not allowed to charge their models for the practice sessions required to progress in their training.