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Kit Floating Pillow + Flat Noodle

Kit Floating Pillow and Flat Noodle ISWatsu
Floating Pillow ISWatsu
Flat noodle ISWatsu
Floating Pillow in pool ISWatsu
Flat noodle in pool ISWatsu
With shipment free shipping / no shipment required for 0,00 EUR
99,50 EUR
99,50 EUR
Tax amount
FREE shipment worldwide
Secure Shipment with tracking number
Best quality guaranteed: satisfied or reimboursed
2-year guarantee
Bulk-order discount available on 5+ kits

Kit made of one Floating Pillow and one Flat Noodle, hand made with soft nylon mesh, filled with EPS pellets for excellent comfort.

Thanks to the mesh fabric they dry quickly.

The best choice for relaxation purposes and classes of aquarelax.

Available in light blue colour.

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