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Kit of watsu floats - premium edition

Watsu floats / floaters - full kit
Kit of Watsu floats, floaters for Watsu
Watsu float size L
Watsu floats / floaters - size L
Watsu floats / floaters - size M
Watsu floats / floaters - size S
Watsu floats with your company logo
With shipment free shipping / no shipment required for 0,00 EUR
72,00 EUR
72,00 EUR
Tax amount
FREE shipment worldwide
Secure Shipment with tracking number
Best quality guaranteed: satisfied or reimboursed
2-year guarantee
Bulk-order discount available on 5+ kits
Personalize them with your own logo on order of 10+ kits

Premium version of our ultra-resistant watsu floats.

This model boasts several improvements to be even more comfortable to use, and increase their durability:
- The floating pad is made of a patented closed-cell PE foam, specially designed for pool materials and certified to be free of any chemical agents. It offers unprecedented durability even in the most aggressive pool environment.
- The foam body comes in an elegant pearl-grey colour and is cut with rounded edges to give a "velvet feeling" when you wear them.
- The original Velcro® straps are stitched to the floating pad using marine-grade sewing thread to last forever.

This construction guarantees unlimited life, even in the most challenging pool environment.

We offer these ultra-durable wrap around floaties for watsu with a 2-year guarantee.

Available as a full kit of 3 pairs in the 3 sizes:
S (small women and children)
M (women and young men)
L (adult men)

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