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Kit of Waterdance Floats (extended strap)

Waterdance floats / floaters E_S
floats / floaters comparison
Watsu float size L
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Waterdance floats / floaters E_S - size L
Waterdance floats / floaters E_S - size M
Waterdance floats / floaters E_S - size S
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74,00 EUR
74,00 EUR
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Extended-strap version of our ultra-resistant floats, designed for sub-aquatic bodywork techniques.

Based on the premium version, this model has an extended closing strap that allows to wrap the floats around the thigh of your receiver. The closing strap, in the part that may get in contact with the thigh, is made of nylon fabric that is soft on the skin and does not scratch it.

Like the premium version these heavy-duty sub-aquatic bodywork floats are the professional's choice for their comfort and durability:
- The floating pad is made of a patented closed-cell PE foam, specially designed for pool materials and certified to be free of any chemical agents. It offers unprecedented durability even in the most aggressive pool environment.
- The foam body comes in an elegant pearl-grey colour and is cut with rounded edges to give a "velvet feeling" when you wear them.
- The original Velcro® straps are stitched to the floating pad using marine-grade sewing thread to last forever.
- The first half of the closing strap has no velcro to be soft on the receivers' thigh.

This construction guarantees unlimited life, even in the most challenging pool environment.

We offer these ultra-durable wrap around floaties for Waterdance, WATA, Aguahara, Janzu and all sub-aquatic bodyworks com with a 2-year guarantee.

Available as a full kit of 3 pairs in the 3 sizes:
S (small women and children)
M (women and young men)
L (adult men)

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