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Tailor-made Watsu training

Are you managing a clinic or a spa?
Are you finding the investment needed to continue training your team of therapists soars as travel expenses and accommodation costs rise ?
Do you have to deal with your therapists not willing to leave their home town to attend training courses?
And once you achieved that, you still have the problem of covering all the hours that the normal operation of your business and the care of your clients require?


We have the solution to these problems:

International School of Watsu offers “stay-at-home”, Watsu trainings tailored to suit the specific needs of each centre and of its team of therapists. ISWatsu comes there, where your therapists are: at your facility.

Our Spa and Clinic department will be delighted to design a “tailor-made” Watsu training to meet the unique needs of your business, of your clients/patients, and of course those of your therapists! A course just for you!



We want Watsu to make a lasting impression on your clients and will make them return to receive more Watsu treatments.
With our personalised training, specifically designed to reflect your centre’s needs, we will minimize the duration of the Watsu training and reduce the required investment.


What advantages does a customised Watsu training provide?

Therapists will attend the course at their workplace, thereby saving time and resources for travel and accommodations. Furthermore you don't have to convince them to leave their family during the days of the training. The impact that the training has on the normal operation of your centre can be reduced concentrating the classes in specific moments of the day, in specific days of the week or even during the weekend!

The courses are mainly hands-on, practical training in the pool, with a small part of classroom time for the theory. Customised course materials (manuals and videos) are given for every course. At the end of the course all participants – and your facility – will receive a Watsu Certificate.



Our commitment

We personalise the content of the classes to adapt it to the specific needs of you own target client/patient. We also customise the progression of the course to match the level of expertise and previous training of your therapists, with the aim of achieving the best results in the shortest time and with the smallest budget.

We will facilitate the training so you can enjoy a “business as usual” experience.


ISWatsu Trainers

Our Watsu trainers have many years of experience as Watsu practitioners in private practice and at leading SPAs. They have used Watsu to profoundly touch many lives. They have taught side by side with the developer of Watsu, Harold Dull, and independently in private classes, at SPA, universities and clinics. They are passionate about what they do, and committed to spreading the work worldwide. Each is a world class instructor with their own unique gifts and backgrounds, working in a collaborative style to best inspire and expand the talents of each student.



If you are a Spa or a Clinic and want to train your team of therapists, please fill in the following questionnaire and we will contact you with a budget for your own training.

Contact details
Team to be trained
Type of business
Target clients / patients of the centre
If yes, answer the following questions:
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