Mastering Professional Skills Module 2 (30 h)

The MPS workshop programme allows you to transform hours of supervised practices into credits transferable as aquatic courses. The MPS comprise a certain number of session to give (to any receiver), a number of sessions to receive from fellow students of the same- or higher- level, plus two “review sessions” given to a superintendent of the school. Once all sessions are logged, the MPS hours are transferred in the student's curriculum as elective training hours.

Additional Info

  • Prerequisites: Watsu 1, Watsu Clinic/Masterclass 1, Watsu 2, Watsu Clinic/Masterclass 2, Mastering Professional Skills module A, Zen Shiatsu stretches and Meridian 1, Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics 1
  • Technical: Watsu
  • Level: 2
  • Type of course: Practices
  • Hours: 20
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