Watsu Clinic Masterclass 1 (34h)

The objective of this course is to increase and hone your technical skills to the maximum, as well as improve your ability to stay present during the entire session.

The first part is focused on review and perfect the head support technique with the objective of dramatically improving your ability to provide a smooth, soft and silky support, which at the same time is safe, provides ideal alignment and facilitates freedom of the receiver while remaining unperceived as a giver.

A review of the anatomy and physiology of the breath will expand your awareness of the importance of being able to follow our receiver’s breath along the whole session.

Learning to apply new subtle, technical nuances you will improve your ability to perceive, connect and follow -or whenever needed, drive- the breath of any receiver, from the very first moment of their floatation, till the end of the session, thus creating a more solid basis for your “Presence” as a Watsu Practitioner.

The second part of the course is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness of your Watsu sessions. We will analyse the objective of the fundamental moves of Watsu 1, observing how the effect on the receiver’s body changes as the movement is done in different ways. We will discuss their pro- and contras- depending on the specific physical condition of the receiver, thus increasing your awareness and ability to adapt your style to the true needs of the client.

We will care to have you integrate the most effective body mechanics. This will guarantee that you will keep your own body safe so that you will be able to share your Watsu for many, many years.

You will have several opportunities to work one-on-one with the instructors, receiving from them and giving them sessions, subsequently receiving their valuable feedback! These didactics allows to further deepen the knowledge and to discover the finest details and tricks to offer a 5-stars Watsu 1 session.

Additional Info

  • Prerequisites: Watsu 1
  • Technical: Watsu
  • Level: 1
  • Type of course: Water Courses
  • Hours: 34
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