Zen Shiatsu and Meridian Stretching 1 (50h)

*Note: this course is not required for students who have already a Certification as Shiatsu practitioners. All other body work Professionals will require basic training in Shiatsu.

The course and its content have been organized to meet the requirements of the training program for Watsu Professionals, providing the tools for understanding the basic concepts and techniques of Shiatsu that, once transposed in water, gave birth to Watsu.

The course is aimed at anyone wanting to learn the basics of Zen Shiatsu and Meridian Stretching such as the fundamentals of Chinese Medical Philosophy.

This beginner level course explores the concepts of Centering and Grounding (make use of Hara), Presence and Quality of pressure; fundamentals for an effective practice on land and in the water. With individual or couple based exercises, the basic Zen Stretches sequence (aka “diagnostic sequence”) is learned, as well as a full Shiatsu kata in prone, complemented by some dynamic variations taken from advanced level katas.

The beginner level also incorporates a rich introduction to the fundamentals of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), where the concepts of Qi (vital energy), Yin and Yang, the five elements, the sequence of creation, distribution and use of Qi in the human body, as well as the Ke and Sheng cycles (generation and control) are presented. Part of the program is also a familiarization of the function and location of the 12 meridians.

At the end of the course, attendees will be able to give a simple, but complete Shiatsu treatment in the prone position (approximately 45-60 minutes) that is designed to be shared and enjoyed with family and friends.

Additional Info

  • Prerequisites: Watsu 1, Watsu Clinic/Masterclass 1
  • Level: 1
  • Type of course: Dry Courses
  • Hours: 50
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