Watsu 2 (50h)

Watsu 2 builds on the "Transitional Flow" concept introduced in Watsu 1. New movements and specific body work techniques are taught in a variety of ways, such that these can be incorporated as needed. The concept of Shiatsu points and meridians are presented, and how these are applied in Watsu paying attention to ensure that the moves accompany the natural motion of each body. The experience acquired in the use of shiatsu points, elevations, thrusts and stretches in this section help to increase the ability to perform an effective energy work. Prior to continuing with your Watsu training, it is important to become at ease with all the material learned to date and understanding how intuitively use the material in its entirety to deliver a fluid and effective Watsu session.

Additional Info

  • Prerequisites: Watsu 1, Watsu Clinic/Masterclass 1
  • Technical: Watsu
  • Level: 2
  • Type of course: Water Courses
  • Hours: 50
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