Watsu Supervisions

Supervisions are one-on-one private classes with an Instructor or an Assistant Instructor. During an individual supervision you will benefit from your instructor's undivided attention and will work on reviewing those areas you need to hone in order to better progress to the next level of your training. It also possible to attend a group supervision with a reduced number of fellow students.

During supervision you can work both on technical aspects of your Watsu, as well as on your skills in creating an effective professional relation with your clients.

Two hours of Group Supervision equals to one hour of Individual Supervision, due to the variance in attention.

Additional Info

  • Prerequisites: Watsu 1, Watsu Clinic/Masterclass 1, Mastering Professional Skills module A
  • Technical: Watsu
  • Level: 1
  • Type of course: Supervision / Examination
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