Elective courses (50h)

Elective aquatic courses to choose freely among those offered each year by the school.

Other courses will be considered on case by case basis, and evaluated based on their synergy with Watsu.


 Intro to Watsu (8hrs)


Introduction to WaterDance-1 (16hrs)

WaterDance-1 (50hrs)

WaterDance-2 (50hrs)

WaterDance-3 (50hrs)


Presence of Being (50hrs)


Introduction to Healing Dance (16hrs)

Healing Dance -1 (50hrs)

Healing Dance -2 (50hrs)

Healing Dance Above and Below (50hrs)

Healing Dance Shape and Space (50hrs)

Healing Dance 100 (100hrs)

Additional Info

  • Technical: Watsu, WaterDance, HealingDance, TCSA
  • Level: 3
  • Type of course: Free choice
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