Founder - Chief Instructor

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Founder and School Director.

Instructor of Aquasoma® (all levels), Watsu 1 to 3, Watsu Clinic Masterclass 1 and 2, Zen Shiatsu and Meridian Stretching.
Trainer of Aquasoma® and Watsu Instructors.

Co-creator of the Aquasoma® curriculum
Creator of the watsu Clinic Masterclasses
Countries: Italy, Belgium, France, Greece, Mexico, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain
Cities: Milan (IT), Rome (IT), Brussels (BE), Savigné sous le Lude (Sarthe, FR), Athens (GR), Mexico City (MX), Porto (PT), Stafford (UK),, Moscow (RU), Valencia (ES), Barcelona (ES), Madrid (ES), Cádiz (ES)


Giovanni Baccarani's journey into the world of natural health disciplines and bodywork techniques began back in 1993. Over the years, his passion and dedication led him to attain significant milestones in this field.

In 1999, he achieved the status of Zen Stretching and Shiatsu Instructor, and furthered his expertise by becoming a Watsu Instructor in 2003. His pursuit of knowledge took him across Europe and the United States, where he studied under the guidance of renowned experts such as Harold Dull and other distinguished instructors specializing in aquatic bodywork.

With decades of experience as an instructor in various modalities, Giovanni Baccarani is the founder of the International School of Watsu (formerly known as WatsuEurope).

He has emerged as one of the most dynamic instructors, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of watsu and aquatic bodywork.

Through his teaching, he passionately imparts his profound love for aquatic bodywork. His extensive background, first as a practitioner of Shiatsu and Watsu and then as an instructor, sets him apart with his very keen eye for detail and technique.

Giovanni's courses are not only informative but also enjoyable. His innate sense of humor breathes life into even the most intricate techniques, making learning a delightful experience. His classes are brimming with captivating insights and valuable information, thanks to his deep comprehension of Eastern medical philosophy and bodywork, both on dry land and in the water.

For a number of years, he also owned a well-established studio in Milan, dedicated to bio-natural disciplines. Additionally, he was the preferred therapist for athletes and professional dancers, a testament to his expertise and reputation in the field. He regularly teaches in the UK, France, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Spain and other countries outside Europe.


Certified Watsu Practitioner authorized by Harold Dull and Minakshi on 06/09/2002
Certified Watsu Assistant Instructor authorized by Michele Chelenza on 08/03/2003
Certified Watsu Basic Instructor authorized by Michele Chelenza and Harold Dull on 05/10/2003
Certified Watsu 1 Instructor authorized by Michele Chelenza and Harold Dull on 01/06/2005
Certified Watsu 2 Instructor authorized by Michele Chelenza and Harold Dull on 01/31/2007
Certified Watsu 3 Instructor authorized by Harold Dull and Minakshi on 04/15/2011

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