AQUASOMA®: better through research, professional by design

A Revolutionary Study Plan

Based on the teaching of skills and principles.
You will learn ready-to-use tools, become proficient in the logic behind their effective use and learn how to assess the outcome.

Adding value to your Professional Profile

Add value to your professional profile with our study plan.

Our vision is to be a guarantee of your competence in aquatic bodywork like what Stanford, la Sorbonne or other famous Universities represent in their respective fields for their students.

added value of watsu aquasoma EN

You will study biomechanics and physiology as applied to the aquatic environment and learn the most advanced techniques developed upon modern anatomy and the theory of fascia.

Better and more important, you will learn how to body-read your receiver and tailor your session to make a difference in their life. 

Personalized Aquasoma® sessions for your clients will not be forgotten, thus becoming self-promotion.

Designed to meet your needs

Probably the only training designed around what professionals want to learn today, instead of what has been taught in this field for decades.  

Before we started designing the curriculum we ran a research interviewing dozens of professional body workers ranging from physiotherapists to osteopaths to licensed massage therapists.


Some were already qualified to work in the water (with certifications in Bad Ragaz, Halliwick or watsu); others had not started their aquatic training yet.

We asked them what they found useful in the previous training they had, what they would have liked to be different and what they missed.


And then we designed a training that would tick all the boxes:

  • deliver what they found was effective;
  • provide what they wish they were taught;
  • implement what they had missed.

This is the AQUASOMA® curriculum, designed for Professionals by Professionals.

The time-effective way to achieve the competencies you need.

We have grouped coherent techniques in the same module and ordered them in a progression that takes into account the development of your aquatic skills. Once you learn how to work on a specific area of the body, you will be presented all the techniques related to that area, so you can do a thorough job.

No more information spread across multiple courses to hold you in the training – once an area of the body is covered, it's done and complete. After completing the Foundation course, you can choose in which order you take the other modules to better suit your preferred professional field, from a more general approach to the most specific one.
This professional customising will have an impact on your training timeline offering you a better opportunity to achieve your desired goal.

fun and stress-free aquasoma watsu courses

A rewarding and stress-free learning experience

In each module you will be taught exactly what you need and can take at that stage of your training, with the level of expertise you have in that moment. 

What is most important to us is that you can learn every notion in a clear and lasting way, avoiding stress and frustration.

Upon successful completion of each module you will be ready to apply your newly acquired skills to your patients.

Cost-effective and Immediate

Complete a module and the morning after you are ready to use what is learned with your clients. 

The return on investment is practically immediate because you can immediately put what you have learned to good use. 

Part of our curriculum is taught online to minimize time away from your job and reduce travel expenses. 

You will save approximately 30% compared to other equivalent training programmes.



Ask for information, we will be happy to answer you!