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Aquasoma Foundation session with Yves Delattre

Aquasoma® Foundation, Brussels (BELGIUM) 30/08-1/09 + 6-8/09 2024


FOUNDATION builds on the skills acquired in the INTRO module and provides all the principles and concepts to become an Aquasoma® Essentials Specialist.

This module aims to offer the recipients a rejuvenating experience by improving their flexibility, relaxation and breathing, as well as facilitating the release of mental overload.

The program covers techniques that facilitate self-regulation of the central nervous system, expanding work from the head and trunk to involve the upper and lower limbs.

  • Main topics covered in this module:

    • Understanding and working with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
    • Changing paradigm: from a mechanical approach to a system repatterning.
    • Working by objectives: definition of objectives and achievement of results.
    • Interact with the fascia.
    • PNF.
    • The complete set of tools for an improved spinal mobility.
    • Main tools for better shoulder mobility.
    • Main tools for better hip mobility.
    • The last 3 principles of MKS watsu:
      • Be invisible / unintrusive
      • As a therapist I can only offer what I have
      • Intention.
    • The warrior stance: understanding and proper use.
    • Undulations, bringing the body into resonance.

      By the end of this module you will be able to deliver a comprehensive Aquasoma® session focused on the mental and physical well-being of your recipient, with a specific focus on techniques that facilitate the self-regulation of the central nervous system to calm excessive mental activity.


  • In-person training: 36 hours
  • Online training and self-directed activities: 16 hours
  • Number of credits: 2.6 AECS

Blended learning: face-to-face training, online lessons and self-directed activities

– Aquasoma® Intro

OR, alternatively one of the following courses:

– Jahara® Foundation
– Watsu 1
– Janzu® Basic 10 days course
– Aguahara 1

Plus 1 private class with the Aquasoma® Instructor

Note on arrival and departure:

We recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of your course in order to finalize your registration and familiarize yourself with the facility. The daily timetable of the course will be communicated to you on the first day (generally every day from 9:00 to 18:00, with a lunch break).
We need all the hours, so please do your best to arrive on time and plan your return so you don't have to leave before the end of the course.

What to bring:

– Recommended clothing: comfortable clothes for land classes.
– 2 swimsuits, lycra cap, pool slippers, towel/bathrobe, as well as products for the shower and skin care.
– One -one and a half liter plastic or metal bottle of water.
– Mineral salts to help rehydration.
– Notepads and pen.

a) Cancellation or postponement (*) of your reservation can only be accepted upon written request via email to info@iswatsu.com at least 6 full weeks before the start of the course.

b ) Cancellation requested via email 6 or more full weeks before the start of the course: the deposit is returned less an administrative fee of €50.

c ) Cancellation requested between 6 and 4 full weeks before the start of the course: the deposit is returned minus €100 as management fee and penalty for late cancellation.

d) Cancellations given less than 4 full weeks before the start of the course do not give the right to any refund of the deposit.

(*) Postponement: If external circumstances prevent you from attending the course you have registered for, please note that your deposit can be transferred free of charge to a later edition of the same course.

In case of cancellation on our part (e.g. if the minimum number of students is not reached), the entire deposit will be reimbursed without further compensation or transferred to the equivalent module of your choice. If the course is postponed, the deposit will be refunded to the students who request it.


For those who come from far away or who do not want to commute, it is possible to spend the night in the classroom, with access to a kitchenette (fridge, microwave, kettle, dishes) and the provision of a floor mattress (futon); there are cushions to sit on but no real pillows. Please bring a sleeping bag or duvet.

The cost is 10 euros per night.
Tea, herbal teas and coffee (French press) are available on site.

Otherwise, there are several BnB options nearby.

Bus 37, 38, 41, 43, 75
Tram 4, 92 (Héros stop)
Tram 18 (Xavier de Bue stop)

Nearest Villo station n. 242 (Maison Communale d'Uccle)

Students repeating the class will take advantage of a 40% reduction on the tuition fee, either the full tuition or the early bird tuition as appropriate.

The places available are limited to guarantee all participants the best personalized attention from the instructor.

Registrations are accepted in order of arrival. Registration is valid only upon receipt of the deposit (or the full participation fee) and the registration form duly completed with all the personal data requested. 

The balance must be paid by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer at least one week before the start of the course.
Please send proof of payment (screenshot, bank statement) by email.


  • Professional, highly effective -yet fun- instructors' teaching during course hours.
  • Educational material (course manual and video).
  • Fee to use of all class related facilities.
  • Certificate of participation issued by the International School of Watsu.
  • Travel expenses, food and accommodation (see 'ACCOMMODATION' section for details).
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30 / 08 / 2024 - 8 / 09 / 2024

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9:00am - 6:00pm

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Yves Delattre


Au bord de l'eau
Chaussée d'Alsemberg, 620 1180 Uccle (Brussels) BELGIUM


Yves Delattre
Yves Delattre
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