AQUASOMA® Certifications highlight your professional competence and make you stand out from the competition in the watsu world.

We firmly believe that a School has reason to exist only when what it teaches generates a benefit to its students: one of the parameters that determines the success of a school it is directly connected to the success of its alumni.

Among Watsu training schools the trend has been to offer vocational watsu trainings of an ever-increasing lenght, nows exceeding 600 hours, while at the same time, in the labor market, Spas and Wellness centres hire "professionals" who often have taken only a tiny fraction of the full programme.

The International School of Watsu has decided, for some time, to give a decisive change to this situation by creating a study plan focused on satisfying the real needs of the world of work and today's professionals and called it Aquasoma®.

The Aquasoma® training plan simplifies and improves your studies by focusing on the essentials and eliminating unnecessary redundancies.


Aquasoma® Courses are valid as specialization courses for students of Watsu, Aguahara and Atma Janzu as well as for physical therapists who want to improve their professional skills during or after having trained in aquatic therapy..

The AQUASOMA® study plan is meticulously crafted by and for wellness professionals and manual therapists, offering a breath of fresh air in the realm of watsu. It introduces two groundbreaking Aquasoma® certifications, globally recognized for their validity: Essentials and Advanced.

Essentials certifies that the Aquasoma specialist® has acquired basic technical skills aimed at reducing stress and rebalancing the person on a physical, mental and emotional level. 

It is a certification designed primarily for working in SPAs and offers the student the opportunity to earn an income by practicing Aquasoma® professionally, while also gaining valuable experience for further studies. 

The Aquasoma® Essentials certification is obtained with about ten days of blended training in presence and online.

Advanced certifies that the Aquasoma specialist® has achieved advanced skills to work on the person. 

The Specialist is trained to work in detail and in depth on each body area with the aim of making a measurable improvement in the quality of life of its receivers. 

The Advanced training offers maximum flexibility to the Specialist who will thus have the tools to work with people in all kinds of conditions and needs. 

This ranges from a simple pursuit of a physical, mental and emotional relaxation, toaccompanying people with any type of specific condition (for example: pregnant women, elderly people, people with PTSD, high performance athletes, people with special needs such as neurological disorders, cerebral palsy and many more).

Advanced is the Aquasoma® certification designed for Medical SPA and Specialists who cater to the most demanding customers. 

The Aquasoma® Advanced Specialist certification requires a dozen days of training in addition to those required for the Essentials certificate.

The 2 International AQUASOMA® Certifications Available

AQUASOMA® Essentials Specialist

  • Aquasoma® Intro course
  • Aquasoma® Foundation course
  • Aquasoma® Essentials Private Class
  • Practicum
  • Experience sessions
  • Aquasoma® Essentials Specialist exam

AQUASOMA® Advanced Specialist

  • Aquasoma® watsu specialization for Pregnant Women
  • Aquasoma® watsu specialization on Sitting Positions
  • Aquasoma® watsu specialization on Head, Neck and Shoulders
  • Aquasoma® watsu specialization on the Back, Thorax and Abdomen
  • Aquasoma® watsu specialization on the Lumbar, Pelvic Area, Sacrum and Hips
  • Aquasoma® watsu specialization on Legs and Feet

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