AQUASOMA® Essential Specialist training


By the end of this module you will be able to use your newly acquired skills with your pre-existing aquatic therapy patients, or give (unpaid) trial sessions of Aquasoma® to friends and acquaintances.

Course format: face-to-face training (~ 2 days), online lessons and homework
Number of credits: 1 AECS
Prerequisites: none, open to everybody


It introduces you to the basic principles and techniques of AQUASOMA®. You will get a taste of the wonders of giving and receiving AQUASOMA® in a safe and stimulating learning environment.

The core of this module focuses on creating the best conditions for the recipient to relax; for this reason the work focuses on the head and trunk.

Main topics covered in this module:

  • Basic health and safety training.
  • Work on the "core" for stability and dynamic balance.
  • The first position.
  • Body reading
  • Creating the "setting".
  • The void that fills the space.
  • Connection and contact.
  • Working with the "tonic-emotional dialogue".
  • The first 4 principles of MKS watsu:
    • Meeting and leading
    • Safety and comfort
    • Support
    • Breath
  • The ABC's of a session.
  • TriCS™.
  • The 5 Points System™.
  • Alignment and adjustment of axes and planes.
  • Working with the water.
  • Pendulum™.
  • Freeing the breath, mobilizing the spine.
  • Integration movements.

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