AQUASOMA® Advanced Specialist Training

At the end of this module, you will be able to use seated positions effectively and creatively, expanding your Aquasoma® sessions into a truly three-dimensional world.


Course format: blended training (3 days in person, plus online educational materials and self-managed activities at home)

Number of credits: 1,3 AECS

Prerequisites: Aquasoma® Foundation course (recommended: certification as an Aquasoma® Essentials Specialist). OR, alternatively, one of the following courses: Jahara® Specialist, Watsu 2. NOTE: If you believe you do not meet all the listed requirements, please indicate this in your application so we can advise you on how to proceed.

AQUASOMA® Sitting Positions

The Aquasoma® Sitting Positions watsu specialization course prepares you to use vertical positioning of your clients effectively and creatively, stabilizing them using your body.

You will unlock incredible possibilities for structural work and body exploration, including spinal twists, stretching, mobilization, massage, and acupressure.

The transition to seated positions is much more than a simple change of posture in your Watsu; it is an immersion into a world where verticality and gravity play a crucial role.

This approach radically transforms the Aquasoma® experience, allowing you to work in a completely three-dimensional environment.

This watsu specialization course will guide you through innovative practices that ensure safety, adaptability, and a significant improvement in your professional skills.

You will move beyond the traditional horizontal floating techniques typical of Watsu, which are often not the most effective or suitable, and discover the great potential of Aquasoma® aquatic bodywork.

This advanced watsu specialization course is designed to enrich and elevate the quality and effectiveness of your aquatic practice.


Main topics covered in this module:

  • Perception and adjustment of the receiver's horizontality and verticality.
  • Principles of head-trunk alignment of the receiver.
  • Presentation of sitting positions:
    • Chairlift
    • Single 4
    • Sagittarius
    • Double 4
    • Outward-facing saddle
    • Double basses
    • Side saddle at the wall
    • Open saddle
    • Closed saddle
  • Learn and practice the different ways of getting in and out of each position.
  • Exploring the possibilities of bodywork on three planes (physiological, neurological, and emotional) using techniques such as massage, stretching, twists, etc.

Through this advanced course, you will prepare to offer safe and effective sessions, taking advantage of the unique properties of water and seated positions for the total well-being of your clients..

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