AQUASOMA® Essential Specialist training

AQUASOMA® Foundation

By the end of this module you will be able to offer a complete Aquasoma® session focused on the well-being of your recipient, with a specific focus on the flexibility of their spine and spinal joints, as well as the release of mental tensions.

Course format: face-to-face training (~ 5/6 days), online lessons and homework
Number of credits: 2.6 AECS
Prerequisites: Aquasoma® Intro module successfully completed.

AQUASOMA® Foundation

the form FOUNDATION provides you with all the fundamental techniques, principles and concepts to become a AQUASOMA® Essentials Specialist quality.

This module aims to offer the recipients a rejuvenating experience by improving their flexibility, relaxation and breathing, as well as facilitating the release of mental tensions. The work will expand from the head and trunk to involve the upper and lower limbs.

Main topics covered in this module:

  • Understanding and working with the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Cambiare paradigma: da un approccio meccanico a una riprogrammazione del sistema.
  • Working by objectives: definition of objectives and achievement of results.
  • Interact with the fascia.
  • PNF.
  • The complete set of tools for an improved spinal mobility.
  • Main tools for better shoulder mobility.
  • Main tools for better hip mobility.
  • The last 3 principles of MKS watsu:
    • Be invisible / unintrusive

    • As a therapist I can only offer what I have

    • Intention.

  • The Warrior Stance: Understanding and Proper Use.

  • Undulations, bringing the body into resonance.

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