The new website is online !

It is an utter delight to finally have the new site published.

It is even better to see the Online Training Center part of the site also taking its first steps, with students beginning to complete their tasks with much more ease as well as speed.

There are still a couple of important sections left to be published, first and foremost the Directory of Professionals, but we will get there shortly as well.

Screenshot ISWATSU International School of Watsu

When it comes to determination...

Those who have been close to us in recent years know how much effort it has required:

two websites aborted before we got to put them online,

quite a bit of time, job opportunities and money lost....

...and the old webmaster amicably sent off to "pick flowers" ;-).

Yes, because setting up a site to handle hybrid in-person and online trainings in 4 or more languages is not the same as setting up any bilingual site.

The complexity of the system increases exponentially and the skills required become the prerogative of a few experts.

And it took an experienced Chef, with his taste for things done right and his Art, to find and skillfully combine all the ingredients, to create this site that does everything we dreamed of and yet runs like a rocket!

Better call Sergio

Actually the Chef Sergio Maria Teutonico appeared on his own, unexpectedly like Marvel movie superheroes.

And with his vision, experience and generosity he literally saved us!

Without him, we would still be banging our heads against the wall, maybe talking to some software house in New Delhi.

And you would still be waiting for the new website.

chef sergio maria teutonico

Oh, and if you think we call him Chef just to pay him a compliment you are mistaken:

Sergio Maria Teutonico is truly an accomplished Chef with a long professional trajectory and even his own online cooking and pastry school:

Go and have a look at what he does in his school, but prepare a serviette to wipe away the wateriness that will drop from your mouth!

What's your reaction?


  • by Sergio Maria Teutonico
    Posted 21 April 2023 8:10 pm 0Likes

    Cari amici di,
    sono onorato e felice che il primo post nel blog di questo sito parli di me, non lo merito 🙂
    Grazie Giovanni, la tua amicizia è preziosa e lo dimostri ogni giorno!

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